We offer solar panels that we produce at high quality standards to the service of our valued customers. Corpus Energy Solar Production Inc. As, we have the distinction of being one of the photovoltaic (PV) panel manufacturers with our 500MW annual production capacity.


We offer all the products you need from A to Z during product supply and project implementation from a reliable source.


With our experienced and expert team, we go to the roof or land location where you plan to install your power plant, and present the suitability of the site and project design to the service of our valued customers.

Legal Application and Follow-up Consultancy

In your projects related to licensed and unlicensed production; The entire follow-up process of legal and official processes with the distribution company and DISCOM is managed by our professional team.

Projecting and Planning

In line with the information we obtain from the exploration and planning process, we offer engineering and project design DISCOM approval services to our valued customers with a professional understanding, with our expert engineers working within our own structure, for your solar power plants. Static structure and strength of the application area, wind resistance of the infrastructure to be used, snow load, etc. We consider parameters such as these one by one and select the products to be used accordingly.


We provide you with one-stop service in all business items, from product supply to assembly, in your medium-sized and large-scale projects, and we can also suggest various options and alternative financing sources regarding financing. By calculating your investment return period, we offer the most attractive financial source to the suggestions of our valued customers.

On-Grid Systems

In grid-connected systems, the user's energy consumption is covered by the energy produced by the photovoltaic (PV) system. In cases where consumption exceeds production, the user takes the excess energy from the grid; On the other hand, in cases where the user's consumption is less than the production, the excess energy is given to the grid with the state's purchase guarantee.

  • Thanks to the two-way meter used here or the meters prescribed by the state, all data such as how much is consumed from the network and how much is given to the network is recorded.
  • All data such as how much is consumed from the grid and how much is given to the grid is recorded thanks to the bidirectional meters used here or the meters prescribed by the state.


These are projects in which all the energy required in places without a grid is covered by the sun. In these systems, the electrical energy generated by photovoltaic (PV) modules is stored in batteries and the user covers their energy requirements (day and night) from these batteries.

  • The capacity of the system can be dimensioned to meet the needs of the user during the autonomy period (the time when no electricity can be generated from the sun).
  • It is very important to do professional work here. Consumption devices and how much energy they consume must be well analyzed.
  • If necessary, the bridging period can be kept slightly longer to prevent power outages on days without sun. These systems deliver very logical commercial results compared to generators and these investments can pay for themselves in a very short time.

Solar-powered irrigation systems

Solar-powered irrigation systems and solar pump systems are systems that enable the operation of electric motor pumps with solar energy.

  • Corpus Energy offers economical, durable and environmentally friendly solutions for irrigation systems in places where there is no network.
  • In contrast to irrigation systems made with generators or beet engines etc. in places where there is no electricity, solar irrigation systems produce logical commercial results thanks to the fact that they do not require maintenance and do not require any expenses other than the initial investment cost.

Technical service and maintenance contract after work

We carry out regular maintenance work on our photovoltaic (PV) energy projects, which we implement with a high-quality approach and with 5- or 10-year contracts.